Co-Op Advertising Campaign Fund, For Stair Step System.

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Co-Op Advertising Campaign Fund, For Stair Step System. Empty Co-Op Advertising Campaign Fund, For Stair Step System.

Post  Admin on Tue Sep 25, 2007 9:35 pm

If you would like to participate in our Co-Op advertising Campaign, you may do so with any amount and at any time.

How this will work:

Everyone who funds our Co-Op, will have their link added to our rotator for the Stair Step System. To learn about the rotator Click Here

For obvious reasons, the people who ad more amounts will have their links, or links of their downlines shown more often. After depositing funds, Please contact me in the Forum, by PM, or email me letting me know the amount, date, and what SSS Splash Page(s) you want to be advertised.

Let's say you want to invest $50 to the co-op at some point, and another member invests $25. This would mean your splash page (or the splash page of your downline) will be shown 50% more times in the ad. This is an only an amount example.

I am also going to be funding our Co-Op campaign, and will be rotating my members links as well. So chances are, your link will be shown quite a bit. But the more people who get involved with this, the quicker, and more consistently every member will benefit. Every Penny of these Co-Op deposits will be used exclusively for our Stair Step System and our Income Strategies Community Advertising.

I would like to use paypal for these transactions. You can send your payments through your paypal account to email address:

If you would like to participate, and do not have a paypal account set up, please PM me, and we will help. You can sign up for a paypal account by going to

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