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Post  MarcyOne on Thu Oct 22, 2009 1:26 am

There are some nice moments of chase and dread, of filling with angst and moral outrage, but it all falls by the wayside and at the end
never amounts to anything. As an overall effort, 9 ends up a wonderfully creative world filled with fun, adventure, and imagination…
stuffed into a box of script contrivance and convenience, where all the color bleeds to gray. Whatever chaos and robotic deviltry there
may be in 9, the story is ultimately about the human soul, what it might be, and as a result, what we are…
except, it is not. Not at all, and that’s a fairly unforgivable failing.

All that said, the movie is nevertheless a pretty fun ride, and worth watching even if you turned the sound off. It is utterly impressive,
not just in terms of what you see, but because of how what you see was crafted. Leave your critical eye at the door, and try not to think
about what might have been, and I suspect you will enjoy it quite a bit. There is real greatness in here somewhere, but you have to find it
yourself, and it is probably more work than it’s worth.

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